Vita Yoga Byron Bay

Vita Yoga Byron Bay to Vita Yoga.

First and foremost, we at Vita Yoga would like to salute our teachers in our everyday life. Whether it be our Traditional land custodians, Yoga teachers, family members, friends or once upon a time enemies.. Whoever you are.

Welcome and Namaste.

Vita Yoga is a new practice of a very ancient human tradition. Our roots started developing the day we took our first breath, and only now are we branching out towards a challenging future, within the radiance of our almighty sun.. om shanti shanti om : )

In name, Vita Yoga has derived from two sources. The word ‘Vita’ is taken from your teacher (Russells) surname ‘Vitale’. In Latin and Italian, Vita means ‘Life’. ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit and Hindi means `Union of Two or more things’. Vita Yoga believes in The Union of Life.

We strongly feel the connection to our planet and we understand that this union is greatly enhanced when the practice of Yoga grows from the root of presence, extending, breathing and growing towards a more balanced and blissful future.

Currently, Vita Yoga is in transistion to a new and improved space in the Arts and Industrial estate. We are operating in unisome with conscious, like minded locals and businesses within the Byron Bay community. This support has been absolute and continues to unite and grow together with a united goal of better health and living.

The Union of Life is a joy, much better shared together.

With Kindness and Compassion,

Russell Vitale.

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