Thomas Keily

Thomas Keily

I am a writer. I am a ghost-writer by day, but my passion is in poetry, and more recently, erotica. The poet Brook Emery said that after a while, all poets realise that they’re only writing one poem. My poem is about love, and the courage, discipline and faith needed to step fully into the space of love. Wanting to trace Rumi’s poetry back to the source, I spent several years in Turkey with a Sufi community of Rifai’i dervishes. 


Love, and learning how to love fully, is a spiritual practice, and I try to let the warrior spirit it demands guide my writing. I position my erotica in direct opposition to dominant and superficial expressions of sexuality in modern society. The methodology I’m developing is to create mature, empowered and spiritually-alive characters, and then just let them go for it.

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