Terms of Use

Terms of use –

In order to protect myself from any and all legal consequences – I am obliged to state that your use of this site is conditional upon your recognition that (as the Course in Miracles says) nothing you see or read here means anything.

I am absolute dictator and have the right to do anything, whilst you my friend, as far as this website is concerned have no rights at all. (If you know me at all I hope you realise this is just for legal purposes, and I am willing to negotiate anything and everything). No guarantee is given or implied about any of the information provided here by myself or our contributing pages and groups. I may choose who to include or exclude from participation in the site at any time. I can also change these terms and conditions any time I want for any or no reason. Neither I nor ByronNow are responsible for any damage real or imagined that you may incur through this website. Your continued use of this site is taken as acknowledgment of this agreement.

Please note that there is no relationship between ByronNow and Facebook and inclusion of content from their site does not imply endorsement or any affiliation between us. Nor is ByronNow responsible for the content contributed by our members and participating FB Pages and Groups. If you believe some content to be inappropriate please report it to us using the contact form.

If your page or group is contributing content here and you wish to have it removed please contact me and it will be done immediately. Please note that if you wish to remove a single post it is possible to add the text xBN to any post and it will automatically be excluded.

Your acceptance of these terms is appreciated and I hope you have a great experience here. If however you dont except these conditions … please … p.. off ~