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Longtime exponent of New Age, Healing, World, and Fusion music, Tarshito has followed a diverse and fascinating path into the world of music. He has travelled extensively and gone ‘on location’ to feel out haunting atmospheres to enrich his music. Among his influences are Indian, Latin, Brazilian, African and Aboriginal tribal music, Tarshito blends the ” primitive” with rock, jazz, folk, classical and ambience to give his work a unique power.

“Music is the ultimate artform.It is the only one of the major artforms one can enjoy outwardly and innwardly either with eyes open or closed.
For me it is expression,an outlet for my creativity, a way of communicating both with musicians and listeners, a way to have fun, a way to be social, a way to be alone, the ultimate meditation and one of the most powerful healing modalities.

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I’m a composer so I enjoy the act of creating and producing a musical work, but it’s all just to arrive in this moment, here and now. So the ultimate music is improvisation, when I’m not following anything pre-arranged, the music is flowing through me, the “I” is not present. No thoughts, my fingers or voice go to notes automatically. That’s it!

Inspired compositions come from this magical state of being, which I try to capture in my recorded music.”

Tarshito has produced, recorded and released 52 of his own albums todate and many albums for other artists.

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