SYREN’S album’s popular title track ‘ A Feather To The Sea’ has attracted national attention and accolades, including a Northern Territory music award 2014 for ‘best pop’ song.

Like her namesake, Syren’s enchanting voice and music lures listeners and takes them on a mystical journey of sight and sound.
The Darwin-based singer / songwriter’s unique sound is a blend of dreamy vocals, textured electronic instrumentation delivered with trip step rhythm and bass.
Her five track debut EP ‘A Feather To The Sea’, mixed by Benjamin Last at Reel Spirit Studios, was released in summer 2013 and quickly saw the talented musician amass a loyal fan base.

Syren’s growing notoriety as a soulful songstress and composer with a gift for blending organic and electronic sounds has seen her invited to music and art festivals around Australia, including Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Wide Open Spaces, Strawberry Fields and Regrowth Festival Sydney.

This multi-talented musician has created award-winning soundtracks for short films, theatre and dance 
performances and has produced and engineered numerous albums in Australia.


Syren’s much-anticipated second album ‘The Quickening: The Time has Come’ is in production and will be released in late September.
Syren is an activist and advocate for social change for the advancement of the earth and all living beings.

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