Shivakti are Ruz and Mayi with friends…
We offer an eclectic mix of,
homegrown song & story.
A cross pollination of style and culture.

The ensemble is versatile,
flexible & able to play according
to venue and occasion.

The core is Russell & Mayinda.
With Mitsuo & Bharti,
as the Shivakti ‘shake a leg’ band.

Ruz:- Guitar, Shruti, Hand Drum, Vocals.
Mayi:- Harmonium, Vocals.
Mitsuo:- Guitars, Vocals.
Bharti:- Bass, Dilruba, Vocals.

Lilting lyrical tunes,
pulsing hand drum grooves,
mellifluous vocals to
foot stomping sing along songs.
Bardic tales of wonder,
gratitude, fun and nature.Journey between inner and outer worlds.
Leap between words & lines,
turning reason back to rhyme.

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