Sarah Singing Raven

Sarah Singing Raven

Singing Raven is the name given to Sarah by her Elders in North America. She carries this name in her professional life to celebrate the deep wisdom and power of the sacred within all of us and within everything.

Born in England, Sarah now lives in Byron Bay, Australia, and has travelled the world for many years on an ever-deepening quest to understand WTF is going on, and where our Remedy lies. On her journey through many wise and beautiful lands, she was blessed to spend seven years learning from indigenous medicine people in North America, undergoing the vigorous rites of passage connected to this path. This includes Vision Quest, Sweatlodge, Sacred pipe, Sundance and apprenticeship with the sacred master teacher plants.

Sarah has also spent 2 years working with 11 indigenous communities in NSW.

.In her enquiry into shamanic consciousness and the nature of deep change, she trained as an NLP practitioner and hypnotist and is co-founder of the Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic, Sydney.

As an initiated medicine woman, Sarah has been leading transformational ceremonies and workshops internationally since 1997.

Her work is known for being full of vitality, open-heartedness and the power to transform.

She brings to her work the integrity, humour, and love essential to these traditions.

Gracias Madre is a project of Sacred Planet Tribe, a not-for-profit NGO whose mission is to empower natural solutions that restore individual and community health, well-being and sustainability.

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12 months ago

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Wow... No entender nada

More videos Sarah. That was special

Oooooo soften. Well said 👏💛☀️

Just what I needed to hear and to pass on, blessings love love 🙌😇

Beautiful words, thank you Sarah. Hoping to see you again in October! Much love. Xx. ❤️

lovely to hear the word "tender".... and you say it with such tenderness... thank you for sharing.

Lovely to se you again this Way. The love is clearly felt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gracious sharing sister. Brave, strong, open and willing, I love you, thank you for reminding me of my own capacity.... stories, more please.

Letting in the love of the universe 🥰🤩💐

Warms my heart to hear you Sarah, thank you 🙏

Sarah how wonderful to see and hear you. You have such a calm way about you and what a tranquil setting it seems. With love and fond memories 😘

Thankyou ❤

Lovely to hear your voice and your wisdom Sarah. So nice to be in the jungle 💙

Sounds amazing Sarah

Lovely to hear❤ thank you

So much love to you sister x

Great to here your voice Sarah, glad you are well and having a great time ...

Bless 🙏🏽 and wow what a spot. Enjoy 😉

Thank you so much for always sharing your wisdom, experience and knowledge Sister. Many many blessings your way and for your journey! ✨🌿♥🌿✨

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3 years ago

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Brilliant...... Jo Donkin what do you think?

So special

Val Dani

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3 years ago

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3 years ago

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Boom! Im excited for the time when we dont need the interjections of how corny it sounds because the distortions have been lifted and people are open to be free of suffering. When we realise that vibration and frequency or emotion and intention, really are the foundation of creation. Then we can begin wrap our heads around that limitless power we posses.

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3 years ago

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Hey beloved friends....Im in the jungle of Peru one more week , completing a one month Dieta with a Shipibho maestro...
What is a dieta?
It is the most important practice for personal healing of the body and mind for the Shipibho people, and other people im sure.
It involves a restricted diet and lifestyle while drinking a specific tree medicine - a master teacher tree  - and , in this case, ceremony with The Mother every alternate night.
The restrictions create the environment for this master teacher plant to heal the body, and most importantly,  to teach the person dieting.
Its full on!
Its deep...and relentless!
Master shamans diet one plant for a year or so and then diet the next open their connection to spirit and the power of healing.
Its mystical and transformational.
Its the initiation path for the maestros, who sing their icaros to bring through the power of these trees to heal those that come to them.
Im considering bringing a small family of us to diet in September - october for a few weeks.

Sending you love from the jungle xxxx
Sarah x
It takes courage to keep stilling the mind, and to simply start to be it is...but thats where life is...
Hey dear friends... sending you love from the Amazon jungle, near Pucalpa Peru.
I started in Colombia, not thinking I would visit Peru on this pilgrimage but the call was very clear so i trusted it and have landed in a very powerful dieta with an excellent maestro.
I want to bring you here at the end of September to come sit with him in dieta!
I will explain more about dieta in the next posts...
It deep and amazing and you will love it... and hate i do!   : )
20 more days of this deep process to go, then a weekend in colombia to catch my flight - (dancing kumbia and salsa with some hot colombians i hope) - and i will be back in Oz early March for some more transformation and magnificent meditations with our amazing and powerful mother.
Much love to you!
Singing Raven x
Happy New Year dear friends!
I suspect that this sparkling-fresh 9 year cycle will be another case of "Let go or be dragged" : )

So lets have huge fun trusting ourselves, bringing our incandescent presence to this moment...and keep letting go into the mystery!

Thank you for being my family.
Mucho amor!
Sarah x
Good morning!
Sisters...are you joining us for the ancient teachings of Sacred Feminine Power in Melbourne this month and in Sydney in October?
Sacred Feminine Power - Melbourne - Ancient Teachings for the 21st Century Woman
Sacred Feminine Power - Sydney - Ancient Teachings for the 21st Century Woman
Have a beautiful start of the week, Brothers and Sisters <3
Spending time with the grandmothers of the jungle...
With her son translating beautiful truths from shipibho to spanish...and then in my mind from spanish to english, and back again...
11 people living together peacefully in a house the size of a hotel room, in intense humidity, with one outdoor tap, a lightbulb and a high tech fridge!
...And simply finding everything amusing and joyful...thats what happens when we sit within us in a place of trust.
X Sending you love x
La madrecita...
Sending this love to you my family. Looking forward to sharing on my return.... x
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In the mountains of beautiful Colombia...

In the mountains of beautiful Colombia...

What stood our for me after a walk through the jungle...

What stood our for me after a walk through the jun...

My first steps today on a long awaited adventure into deep jungle start with a 4am alarm and a gift...

My first steps today on a long awaited adventure i...

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