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Robert Grant's incredible output of numerical and geometric diagrams seems to be flowing from some other dimension. This sort of work is sometimes produced by savants, and they are normally strangely disconnected people. By contrast, Robert is a successful former CEO who has somehow been opened up to the inspiration of the patterns within everything. #resonance #haramein #sacredgeometry #pattern ... Read MoreSee Less

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My friend Jonathan Quintin makes the best introductory videos about sacred geometry. His insights into the numbers and forms is transmitted through the amazing star mandalas and toroidal flows he also brings through. It is very meditative so please take the time to enjoy properly. ... Read MoreSee Less

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If you are fascinated by the golden ratio, then don't miss this great introduction to phi ratio tiling of the plane and its relation to quasicrystals and higher dimensional patterns ... Read MoreSee Less

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Music is one of the most geometrical of the arts. The patterns of musical frequencies, rhythms, ratio between notes played together, and patterns of notes played over time... all these combine into a fabric of relationships that evokes differing responses in each different person. ... Read MoreSee Less

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Comment on FB design was inspired by one of Firebirds poems called the Hurtling Stillness of the Light which you can find here
The background of this design is very wing-like fractals. Macaws and hummingbirds dart through the fractal forest. Available in mens and womens cut, short and long sleeve. #fractal design was inspired by one of Firebird's poems called 'the Hurtling Stillness of the Light' which you can find here
The background of this design is very wing-like fractals. Macaws and hummingbirds dart through the fractal forest. Available in men's and women's cut, short and long sleeve. #fractal
... Read MoreSee Less

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I love 3D fractal journeys, and this is my new favourite. It takes jewel-like illumination to a new level. ... Read MoreSee Less

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Second edition is out now with more pages and many improvements. Read and browse this lavishly illustrated book for free at ... Read MoreSee Less

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Comments Box SVG iconsUsed for the like, share, comment, and reaction icons design was inspired by one of Firebird's poems called 'the Hurtling Stillness of the Light' which you can find here
The background of this design is very wing-like fractals. Macaws and hummingbirds dart through the fractal forest. Available in men's and women's cut, short and long sleeve. #fractal
This montage is based on a painting by Raphael, (contemporary of Michael Angelo), called the school of Athens. The characters are the philosophers of ancient Greece. At the centre we have Plato and his student Aristotle whom together have come to represent the dualism of idealism (mysticism) and scientific materialism. Their arguments as to whether spirit or matter are more real have continued to me a major theme all the way to the present day global society.
Buckminster Fuller was a very interesting character. An eccentric genius, he deliberately dressed as a 'second grade clerk' because he wanted everyone to see him as just an ordinary man doing what he could to change the world. He is probably best know for giving us geodesic domes, but he had many other inventions, and his ideas continue to percolate out through society. He gave us ideas such as 'spaceship Earth', 'synergetics', 'tensegrity', and the 'ephemeralization of technology'. His understanding of the triangular/hexagonal symmetry of space, and the 'vector equilibrium', are major contributions to Sacred Geometry. Find out more at
Our concept of what a black hole is has evolved dramatically in the last 100 years since Einstein predicted them. We have, of course, never seen one, and perhaps never will. We have seen things happening in the depths of space that seem to indicate the presence of something so attractive and energetic that our only current explanation for it is that it is a black hole. That still leaves us clinging to our theories in a hurricane of other possible ideas. - In the midst of this fascinating field of investigation, the theories of Nassim Haramein have a certain sacred geometric beauty to them. He proposes (excuse my gross oversimplification) that even the smallest pixel level of reality is basically nothing but black holes, and that particles are vortexes in spacetime connected to each other by wormholes. There is a section in my book 'Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life' devoted to his Holo-Fractal-Theory. Read it for free online at
Do you understand higher spacial geometry ? If so, you will love haning our with the people in this forum   - - - If not, you won't have the faintest idea what they are talking about :-)  Seriously I would start with 'A Primer of Higher Space' which you can read here
Sometimes I come across poetry that is irresisable ~

Building a Shrine ~
My life so far
Has been like
Trying to put a very large love
Through a pinhole.
I have tried to make myself
Small enough to fit into this world.
But finally the shell has rent in two-
And the shrine of my being has emerged.

We are guided home on an invisible thread-
One day the distance between our self and the hole

And then the love fits perfectly.

There is so much work to do in this world
When we could simply choose
To be estastically happy.
To take rocks and driftwood and build an altar
To all that is good inside of us-
And to set our one shining life
On fire.
Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life is a lavishly illustrated book about the beauty that is present within all levels of manifestation. It can be enjoyed by those with a passion for science and mathematics, as well as those of a more artistic and intuitive persuasion. All that is required is an interest in understanding more about the infinite mystery that surrounds us. The insights and principles of sacred geometry apply to every aspect of life. They help us to connect the dots and see the ‘big picture’ to find our harmonious relationship with the entirety of everything.  READ FOR FREE HERE
Yup. Used to be too true. ...  However, in the last year or so I notice the major browsers have added the feature that there will be a little speaker icon in the tab of any page that is playing audio :-)  And my internal playlist seems to have nothing but kirtan on it these days :-P
Gaze upon this in absolute wonder - widely renowned as one of the most exquisite galaxies in the known universe - possibly engineered by a race of super intelligent cosmic artists? The 'Sombrero Galaxy' is quite large at between 100 and 700 billion stars (depending on who you ask). Classed an an unbarred spiral galaxy and can be found in the constellation of Virgo. It's estimated distance from Earth is 29 million light years.

The Sombrero Galaxy has a supermassive black hole in its center. The patterns of star movements near the black hole suggest that it could have the same mass as a billion of our suns. Researchers believe that the Sombrero’s black hole is the most massive of any that has been found at the heart of a galaxy.

• Astronomers don’t believe that the Sombrero Galaxy is the part of any formal galaxy group. Instead, it seems to be part of a string of galaxies that extend away from Virgo.

• The Sombrero Galaxy is about 3/10 the size of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A fairly high resolution version can be saved from here for using on your desktop
Many have been introduced to the work of the Persian mystic poet Hafiz, and become devoted fans, because of the 'translations' of Daniel Ladinsky.  If you are one of these, you may not realise that you are as much (if not more) a fan of Ladinsky's work than of the work of Hafiz, as this writing below from Ladinsky explains, they are certainly not translations, but interpretations, versions, inspirations, transmitted across the centuries. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
That Sounds Wonderful


Good poetry

Makes a beautiful naked woman

Materialize from



Who then says

With a sword precariously waving

In her hands,


If you look at my loins

I will cut off your head,


And reach down and grab your spirit

By its private parts,


And carry you off to heaven

Squealing in joy.


Hafiz says,

That sounds wonderful, just



Someone please--start writing

Some great





Re the cocreation of these poems by Hafiz and Daniel Ladinsky ...


by Daniel Ladinsky


I thought I might step into the middle of a blurb/reader's review war that seems active, at times, around this book.


There is an essay I wrote and published in an earlier edition of the The Subject Tonight Is Love: Sixty Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz, VERSIONS by Daniel Ladinsky, that was called -- My Portrait of Hafiz, as that is what I feel my work with Hafiz really is, my unique portrait of him. A portrait based on my study of thousands of pages of stories and poems that are attributed to Hafiz. And this book The Gift was first offered to Penguin with the word VERSIONS on the cover rather than the word translations, for I have never claimed my work with Hafiz is a traditional -- scholarly -- translation, for how could it be for I do not know or speak Farsi (Persian) at all fluently, though at times I have worked with several translators who do know Farsi as their first language. Though once the book (The Gift) got to Penguin, that is into the hands and minds of the very literate, some there saw and knew -- as any good dictionary will tell you -- that a primary definition of the word translation is: A written or spoken rendering, an interpretation of the significance of a work in another language... And thus the word VERSIONS was changed to translations. Also, I feel that the deeper one gets into the study of Hafiz the less of a scholarly foundation there really is to have any intelligent debate about what he may or may not have actually said; thus all we truly have of Hafiz in ANY language is a VERSION. We unfortunately don't even know when Hafiz was actually born or when he died. No doubt there is the establishment's view of Hafiz, but I have never been one to fully trust a bunch of religious or cerebral conservatives. My great research into Hafiz has revealed, what I feel, is enough genuine DNA to reconstruct Hafiz if you will into a more astounding, brilliant man, into a more wild and vital life giving -- encompassing sun. I love these words that are attributed to Hafiz, I have found them so encouraging in trying to do justice to this world-treasured poet, those words are, No one could ever paint a too wonderful picture of my heart or God.


I feel there are saints in this world, and I feel I have walked with one for hundreds of miles in India, and on many occasions he would listen to me recite my renderings/versions of Hafiz, as a matter of fact this teacher choreographed my coming to work with the poems of Hafiz. And if this man had not sanctioned me in the most remarkable of ways -- not one single book of mine would ever have been published. Hafiz is not only one of Islam's greatest literary wonders, Hafiz is also one of history's most vital poet-seers. I feel I have shown the greatest of respect to his work. I have prayed hundreds of times for help to try and reveal something of Hafiz's soul & beauty.


Hafiz has no peer. Said Goethe. And Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, Hafiz is a poet for poets. I hope you find some REAL POETRY in some book of Hafiz, for then you will agree with Goethe and Emerson. Then, in that book, you will find a great teacher and lasting friend. And then ... you can be saved by a poem whenever you want. But remember, any verse that cannot flirt with the sublime and comfort you -- or lift the corners of your mouth with delightful humor -- has really nothing to do wtih HAFIZ. Anything mediocre about him is really fraud.


Thanks for your time here. I hope what I have written may help the review-war ebb. I hope this book aids all wars to realize the insanity of their being. With that in mind why not end with this verse I bet Hafiz might feel just fine in having his named pinned to by me.


I think this old great Persian Master and I once shared some bread together, and some magnificent wine he poured into me, that is still there and fermenting ... and caused all my words, vision, and (hopefully) sacred needed mischief. Millions have now come to hear his name through my work. This is profoundly humbling. Still though, I -- we -- should rise and dance.


I have come into this world to see this:

The sword drop from men's hands

even at the height of their arc of anger

because we have finally realized

there is just one flesh to wound and that

is His, The Christ's -- our Beloved's.



From my Hafiz chapter, in my Penguin anthology, Love Poems from God.

By Daniel Ladinsky
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