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Ngara Institute – the Activists Think Tank

The Ngara Institute is a not-for- profit activist think tank which puts people, communities and the planet before increasingly predatory capitalism. We offer an intellectual and engaging space to critically reflect on how we can achieve a more just, peaceful and sustainable world based on the common good rather than private interest.

Politics in the Pub

Ngara Institute organised in 2016 a monthly ‘Politics in the Pub’ gathering in the Courthouse Pub Mullumbimby.  Each month a new guest speaker is invited. Around 180 people attend and it has become one of the Byron Shires most active regular political events. Visit the Ngara website for the upcoming program.

The Purpose of the institute is to:

  • provide a counter narrative to the views and opinions of Australian neoliberal think tanks;
  • foster critical thinking about local, national, and international issues such as peace, globalisation, diminishing democracy, climate change, financial greed and growing inequality;
  • work alongside other peace and justice organisations for a more equitable, non-violent and compassionate future based on social justice and human rights and pursuit of the common good;
  • assert and support values and practices that enhance the life of all species and ecosystems;
  • learn and apply indigenous world views to all areas of life;
  • articulate and encourage post-carbon- growth scenarios;
  • revitalise local-democratic civic cultures, neighbourliness and cooperative systems of production;
  • inspire and promote viable and workable solutions to the complex challenges we all face.

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If you are not already aware of Not-For-Profit B Corporation - Australia & NZ let us introduce you.

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

It's a good feeling to know you can support ethical business like our local Stone & Wood Brewing 🙌, practical Patagonia and the very clever #whogivesacrap - Check the link below for other companies doing good things:
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"Don't worry about Earth, we've got Mars..." to the Real Time YouTube: In honor of Earth Day, Bill calls on his fellow humans to save this planet instead of trying to co... ... See MoreSee Less

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Tim Costello : Keep Refugee Families Together - ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Tim Costello : Keep Refugee Families Together -

Ngara Institute Tees: Yay or Nay ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Jan Fran smartly summing things up.

Jan Fran
Tell me again how how the man who shot and killed fifty people as they prayed was an "angelic boy" who was "addicted to violent videogames." Our world is such that we treat white terrorists as one-time children, and brown children as would-be terrorists. Humanity for one, not the other. Tonight's #Frant.
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5 days ago

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PM Jacinda Ardern on media "...there cannot be a case of all profit, no responsibility.."

I think this is the uk version of Murdoch newspapers not nz .. and the Murdoch media is foul and incites hatred ..

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Don't miss out on an Evening with John Pilger Wednesday 10 April - ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Dont miss out on an Evening with John Pilger Wednesday 10 April -


Last Friday, schoolkids from around the Byron Shire joined in an emotionally-charged protest in Byron Bay to call for urgent action on climate change.

There were wonderful chants, moving speeches and some great placards, my favourite being “Climate change is worse than homework!” Well over a thousand people turned out, mostly students. They are part of a worldwide movement of young people who are terrified of what might result from out-of-control climate change.

Understandably, the terrible events in New Zealand eclipsed news coverage of the protests, but that is unlikely to slow what is a rapidly growing global movement.

The kids I met were savvy, informed and petrified, yet determined to make sure that their collective voice were heard loud and clear by the world’s political and corporate leaders.

These amazing activists deserve our respect. Here are a few pictures of the Byron extravaganza!

Richard Hil

#climatestrike #fridaysforfuture

Pics Jennifer Grainger
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6 days ago

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You sheep can march every sheep can bunk school work and amount of solar panels wind turbines batteries electric cars are going to control cyclones tornadoes the weather the sun global warming climate sheep have ever had solutions or taken action on global warming climate change.make sure your signs have big writing easy to read.happy marching then book yourselves a holiday .go skiing or snowboarding .plenty snow all year round around the planet.

Now sheep if global warming or climate change was so bad in Australia then no liberal or Labor government would take in 200000 people to Australia every year. Including refugees.go put your thinking caps on

Tell us how these sheep want the liberal party to solve global warming in the next week before a NSW election.tell how these sheep want mr Morrison to solve global warming before may 2019.tell us your solutions in solving global label yourselves activist on global warming if you got no results.ask Al Gore Tim sheep no fakes on our streets

Well done!

You sheep need to march in cyclones or tornadoes then you have a better chance 50/50 in convincing us that the planet is dying.dont march on beautiful summer days with blue skies.thats not going to convince us that the planet is dying.make sure you got an ABC crew with you to film the drama

Make sure you sheep choose a tornadoe or cyclone day.we need real drama while you sheep march.dont choose a beautiful sunny day with blue skies.

Let's see these sheep protest to cut immigration numbers to Australia because of climate change.lets see these sheep tell aboriginal and islanders living in Australia to turn vegan change their traditions and eating more eating meat because of climate change. Go put thinking caps on

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