Narada Dan Vantari

Narada is the creator of ByronNow, but also, among other things, a singer songwriter. His album Jewels & Flames has 14 original songs that you can listen to on his website or even sometimes find in the posts below. His song writing is lightly influenced by 60s and 70s mystic psychedelia, the spiritual side of bands like the Beatles, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan. The music is multilayered with instruments, often riding on the wings of his 12 string guitar. Most tracks include drums and bass, and some beautiful flute ornamentation and solos by good friend Emanuel Lieber.
You can listen to tracks and purchase the album from his website

Narada’s other projects – 3D printed Sacred Geometry pieces, ‘Rewriting Prehistory’ illustrated book about the newly discovered javanese Pyramid, and artworks on a variety of mediums – can be found at

His other websites include, and… which although needing to be brought up to date still contains some great information about one of the most important myths of our time, the Native American story of the Great Peacemaker. Narada and Pratima create multimedia shows around new physics, and new ancient history – inspired by the work of Nassim Haramein. You can find out more about that at

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