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Welcome ~
ByronNow is primarily an aggregation of local visionaries FB Pages, Videos, Photos, & Events.
It is intended to help people to find all the good things happening in this part of the world.
It is also intended to help local visionaries who are using FB to get more value out of what you do on FB
by archiving it in a way that gives it a longer lifespan, the context of Byron Bay, and freedom from Facebooks advertising.

Please note that only pages and groups with VISIONARY content are allowed.
This site is created and maintained by Narada (Firebird) Vantari
and my definition of ‘Visionary’is ‘anything that you are prepared to publicly declare
is meant to be uplifting for the planet and its creatures’ – unless of course it is obviously NOT. ūüôā

Setting up a page for you requires a small amount of work and I may have to charge … around $50 for doing that…
but at the moment while this message is here it is free simply by contacting me and telling me what visionary category your work fits into.
Once the page is set up it will automatically link to your FB Page and call in all the content from there automatically.
For instance Events listed on the Events tab of your FB Page will automatically list on the Events tab of your page here at ByronNow.
(Please note it may take a few hours at longest to appear).
If you wish I can give you access to your page to edit the text above your FB posts etc, but this is not necessary.

The ByronNow Homepage works in a slightly different way.
I will manually add new participants to this page and it will pull in the latest post to your FB page.
The Homepage posts are sorted into these categories so please state which one your FB page belongs to.
#Music #Activism #Art #Workshop #Conference #Yoga-Dance #Spiritual #Community #Healing #Other

NOTE: This page is evolving rapidly to keep up with developing the site itself.