Kevin James Carroll Heartsongs

A world fusion of chanting ancient Mantras with Heartsongs.

Kevin James Carroll is a dedicated devotional singer who has developed his craft from years of experience leading Kirtan and Chant Circles all over the world.

Kevin travels the globe constantly with the intention of joining with others who feel the call to re-connect and remember who we are beyond the illusions of ego.

His intention is to contribute to the conscious movement using group gatherings of devotional singing of Mantras and HeartSongs to bring us to a closer connection to source.

Kevin believes from this state of being we can naturally and easily be kind and harmonious in our existence…

kevin-0079 (1)K. J. My journey has been inspired by many teachers, the most important of these being my mother. Here’s one of her wise quotes that influenced my journey. When I was in my 20’s I came home from a protest and my mother said…


Quotes from participants of the circles…

“I was so amazed at the energy you help direct in the room, and to be honest I felt it for days, I had no idea how powerful kirtan was until then, I am so grateful, thank you kindly..” C.M.

“What a kind and gentle man and how inspiring. He made 150 souls shine and together with him, we were like swimming in a pool of positive energy, love and togetherness. Hope to join you again next time.” A.K.


What an incredibly nourishing deep evening, feeling sound move through me in new ways opening up places that are longing also to be seen. A truly magical night of deep awakening and healing love. Thank you with love and gratitude.” P. X

Sing mantras, dance and fly together in the group consciousness, devotion and community spirit.

Kevin plays guitar, bamboo Shakuhachi flute, harmonium and sings.
Kevin believes it’s all about holding space and being an empty vessel for the heart of every one to unite or unify. “Within every song there is room for freedom. Where the different choruses can overlap and it’s my intention to lead the group to a point where there is no leader anymore. A space where everyone is guided by their own heart, where we are all singing as one voice. This leaves the participants feeling empowered and part of a unified whole, it gives us all a direct experience of the reality of who we are beyond our thinking mind.”
These uplifting and often high energy chanting circles are an invitation to co-create a deep connection to the heart and a positive healing vibration for ones self and the world.
Kevin will read the energy of the room and moove with you in the dance of the moment, delicately coaxing towards a goal of devotional bliss and the deep silence that follows.
Kevin draws upon influences from the temples of Asia mixed with his own western folk sound.

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