The House of Bliss Hearts on Fire

The House of Bliss, Hearts on Fire

Ongoing fortnightly Community Gathering for Chanting and Chant/Dance every second Friday of each month. Features a House Band and guests musicians and bands dedicated to Kirtan and Sacred Chant in General.

Uplift and strengthen the Community
Create a Temple Heart Space Within the community.
Promote Good Chanters, Kirtan and Devotional music. Create a place of reunion in the spirit of Peace and Joy.

Cultivate the knowledge and love for Silence through Music of Divine Love
Romancing the invisible through chant.
Provide a place for the whole community to experience the Healing Power of Chanting regularly.
Include and connect the whole community of chanters and kirtan leaders to expand the knowledge and love for this practice and its essence among new people and declared lovers of it.

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