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Jim Humble's 'MMS' for Coronavirus
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March 30, 2020 - 9:27 pm
I WOULD PERSONALLY USE MMS: but unless you have experience with it before hand it is hard to put your faith into a chemical like this (chlorine dioxide) . Many of you will have tried Jim Humbles MMS therapy and found it effective for a variety of conditions. Many others will have decided it doesn't work, or read that its simply bleach and no good for you.
Personally I have found it a fantastically effective mouth wash for tooth problems. I also feel it is a useful poison for the body when something extreme is needed. I have friends who also feel they successfully used it to fix a variety of problems.
As I thought, Jim Humble believes it is effective for CV. He has had sent to him many reports of recoveries using it.
Okay so that's the pre-amble... here is the link to his website with some specific recommendations to prevent and or treat CV - https://jimhumble.co/blog/coro.....e-covid-19
Personally I would use MMS in conjunction with vitamin C and juice fasting. And... a mucus free vegan diet to minimize lung problems in advance..
You can by local Naclo brand MMS at Santos and mix with citric acid or lemon juice to prepare it. https://naclo.com/
Check the links to the various protocols given here. https://g2church239.org/protocols/
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