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Trolls then and now
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April 5, 2020 - 1:58 am

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Everyone would agree that trolls in Byron Bay online groups are sweeties. My three cents bellow for the ones who orchestrate the grand performance ? 

While the whole population of Earth is facing mass-genocide and Ecocide of the unparalleled scale. 

I will not share anything that is already making it to the public eye. Everyone does their study in their professional field so to speak. I prefer to dwell in peace and increase the positive, but in the given conditions nowadays, being pushed into very tense confined conditions, being right inside the roach nest, there are tools to clean up the mess. 


The last three videos at the bottom are the top-level criminals who head the team of trolls “debunking”, ridiculing and targeting those who expose the deepest crimes at the elite level. From videos one can see the cold-blooded individuals who consider themselves invincible. The group is pyramid structure of 500+ people mainly operated from US and AU. They infiltrate all information flow exposing evil, god knows what else is coming up, they do their work to keep the masses confused and lost in the murky waters. 


People are becoming more aware about who actually stands behind IT side of the propaganda. And it is not just this, as the top ones of that nest are fed by the adrenochrome club, as obvious from their comments and is vivid from the videos, how they talk and act. No blinking, just intoxication on power. 


Read the comments and see the picture. The world that is opening before us is ugly as hell. We created such world by being bought into inaction. It takes those who carry the light to shine a torch light of discrimination into the darkness. 


Simple video like this serves as a perfect example to see the scope of rot that is there. Just scratch the surface it shall all come out. Simple video on magnitude of crimes against children. 


In responses in comments trolls like Satanic Panic Fun and Games, Eagle's RC and h34vybr34thing, their videos and comments are so utterly disturbing. Another pdfle troll Agent Margaritaville. Blatantly evil and all a part of a massive organised team, talking to each other through comments. 


Most modern people trapped in a rat race have attention span of a fish, that is why the world is wherever it is - unable to connect two dots. I myself have been standing at the dawn of social networking with software company, which I was happy to let go of after 10 years of conferencing, partying with mid-chain elite and watching the fear and greed behind IT business. Same techniques of paying for PR articles, paying websites with high rank in Google to publish and paying the team to “promote” them. $$$paid PR articles from corporations and trolls pushing the content down throats of naive. Vaccines, 5G, CEOs, geopolitics, endless list of topics, all part of the corrupted business platform that Internet has become in the last 20 years. 


I went through each and every comment and randomly their yt channels. 

Currently they are fighting in between themselves. It is easy to trace them as they expose each other.


These groups are organized by sick IT pros like this. 


Then they seed their tons of comments on YT, etc, create multiple mirror channels and lead the masses into chaos. 

The deception went so deep...


Ex troll


As the TV news are just a fraction of the brainwashing, most of the propaganda to keep normies in confusion comes from trolls on Internet.  This is organised criminal activity. 


This Aussie troll has got all the number plates in his video. Top level, one of the names on Internet Agent 19. 


 EVIL beyond any description. This is the main brain organiser.


Most of exposing posts and videos are taken down from fb and yt with speed of light. But these need to be preserved so the masses know who they are played by.


Now already these videos are being mirrored and downloaded to preserve evidence by many people. The last 3 videos are valuable as they show the actual scary faces to what is considered peer-review/fact-checkers, etc while obviously fake misleading and deeply sinister planning of the people who look like humans but are brutally evil in their nature. Beasts.  Winning information war is only a matter of speed. We have to be fast and keep on informing others without being afraid of ridiculing. Standing against the wall is already outdated. PDF file. 

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April 5, 2020 - 8:17 pm

Thank you Dramba for this warning about the dark side of the web.  I will watch the videos when I get a chance. As you noted... we are not used to dealing with real trolls around here, and hopefully they have more important work to focus on at the moment deluding the masses that are easily deluded.

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