Forgotten Origins – the Out of Australia Theory

The aims of this group are to share understandings related to Australia’s rich ancient past with a view to learning how that may be applied now and in the future. The subject matter of our page sometimes contains culturally sensitive topics related to Original history and we operate under the doctrine of Wirritjin – Black Fella, White Fella Dreaming: In remembrance of Karno W…., spokesperson for the Ramindjeri.

Australia has been visited in the past by the Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese and perhaps others.

We are trying to change the worldview of Australian (Ab)Original people and culture positively and help to show their effect upon human development and civilisation. “Maybe if we can accept the truth, that we aren’t alone and part of something cosmic and grand, then we may start behaving like galactic citizens instead of global vandals”
(Steven Strong)

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