Explanation for participants in ByronNow ~

If you are a local visionary using a Facebook Page
to promote your work then ByronNow is a gift for you!

I request you read the whole of this page before choosing whether to Apply to Join

Reformating Facebook

ByronNow is an unusual website.
Almost all the content here is pulled in from local visionaries FB Pages.
A few years back I launched an earlier version of BN that required users to create their own pages.
I wanted to showcase the local culture and help promote what the creative people
around here are weaving for the planet and the community, but I quickly realised
that most people around here did not want to spend any more time online than they were already!
So I found a way to recycle the promotional materials you guys are already putting out
so as to get more use out of them.
It takes only a short time for me to set up a BN Page and once that is done
it updates itself with your latest FB posts and Youtube uploads automatically.
They are sorted into tabs for the FB Page’s Main posts, Pictures, Videos, and Events (see note below).
Some pages also have integrated music listening and sales through Bandcamp,
and I am working on adding the ability to crowd source donations for projects directly from your page.

Your posts are laid out in a more spacious format than on FB
and showcased in the context of the alternative culture that Byron Bay is famous for.
You need do nothing more than you are already doing by using your FB Page to promote yourself.
Your content will have a longer lifespan on ByronNow than on FB where it rapidly disappears into the past
and FB prefers to distract your visitors onto materials that fit their agenda not yours.

However, although it is not necessary to do anything more than what you do on FB and Youtube to promote your projects,
there are some simple ways that you can fine tune your ByronNow presence and get an even better results ~


You will note that most of our Pages have a tab for FB Events.
There is a small techincal point to understand here – for an Event to appear here automatically
it is essential that the FB Event be created by your FB Page!
The process is the same as creating an Event from your Profile,
but you begin on your FB Page so that it is your Page’s FB Event!
If you make a practice of doing it this way
then you can use your ByronNow page as an events calendar and promotional page 🙂
You can even link directly to your BN Events tab by using a URL like this


The text above the FB section on your ByronNow Page
is most likely what I have found on the About tab on your FB Page.
If you wish to change this I will need to do a little more work.

It is also possible to add video, images, or any other content to this section of the BN Page

This may not always be a free service for doing these sorts of customizations. We will have to see how we go.
Please contact me to discuss.


In setting the site up it is quite possible I have accidentally linked
to someone else’s website from your Page,
or made some other mistake in the wording etc.
If so please contact me to fix this for you.


You do not have to promote your BN Page, but it does showcase your content
for you in a more attractive and involving layout than your FB Page,
and it is free from the FB advertising and other distractions.
Once you are happy with your ByronNow Page,
why not use your BN Page in your promotions etc?
This will also help to promote your fellow Byron visionaries, creatives, and activists!


I am looking at the idea of holding ByronNow musical and inspirational events in the local area.
These may involve inviting members to present their visionary projects as well as showcasing the local creative talent. Please contact me if you are interested in being part of this.



Im not sure I believe this but I love the implications. You have to take it at least one step further and realise that there are no corporations or banks, only humans who believe in the reality of such things and give them the appearance of being real lol !