Dances of Universal Peace

Dances of Universal Peace

Sacred circle dances connecting heart-to-heart and hand-to-hand as we sing and honour the different spiritual traditions honouring the One.

The Dances of Universal Peace put into our hearts and bodies the awe of living, the love of the universe, the experience of community, the delight at the breath we all share, the coming together of the cosmos, psyche and deep ecumenism that the human race yearns for today.
In the pressing need to redeem worship today, the Dances of Universal Peace play a pivotal role. Because they relate macrocosm with microcosm ( universe with psyche), they provide empowerment to heal and to celebrate, to pray in a curved and cosmological manner, to include body at the centre of worship once again—Matthew Fox, author of “Original Blessing and the Coming of the Cosmic Christ..



The Dances of Universal Peace are simple circle dances where we sing songs from the many different spiritual traditions, which can be both joyful and meditative, leading to inner and outer peace and a change of state in our beingness

They were formerly known as Sufi Dances, but are now an international movement dedicated to Peace through the Arts . See
We do the dances locally and internationally and I am a mentor for this practice , and a member of the Mentor Teachers Guild.
To find a Dance Circle in your state see

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