Catherine Ingram Dharma Dialogues ~

Dharma Dialogues offers practical wisdom in precarious times.
All are welcome.
Come and rest your weary mind.

Catherine Ingram has been leading Dharma Dialogues internationally since 1992. She is the author of “In the footsteps of Gandhi,” “Passionate Presence,” and “A Crack In Everything.”
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What others say about Catherine Ingram:

“I live a little better when Catherine’s around.” –(the late) Leonard Cohen

“Her words clearly flow out of her own realization rather than just an intellectual understanding of spiritual truth.” –Eckhart Tolle

“Catherine transmits authentic, intelligent love. I bask in her presence.” –Gangaji

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Dharma Dialogues in Byron Bay –
Thursday nights at Temple Byron (from March 2 onwards)

Dharma Dialogues will also be held in Lennox Head – Sunday afternoons (from March 5 onwards)

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