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Byron Bay Film Festival

Byron Bay Film Festival

Personal Information:
BBFF is a platform for the world’s outstanding film talent, showcasing a uniquely rich and
diverse program of entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking films. We’re a festival that fuses
artistry, education and innovation, enhancing our world-view and collective social dialogue through the power and storytelling of film.

In 2015, BBFF provided Australians with the opportunity to see 110 brilliant films never
before screened on our shores including 25 World Premieres.

The Byron Bay International Film Festival provides a platform for independent filmmakers locally, nationally and from around the world.

Our festival encourages audiences to actively participate and interact, creating a friendly and inclusive experience for everyone.

Just a short stroll from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches our festival partners with a range of hotels and resorts in order to provide attendees with some fantastic accommodation deals. See the ‘Where to Stay’ section of our website for more details.

We offer a range of activities catering for all budgets. At BBFF you’ll find film introductions and Question & Answer sessions by attending filmmakers; free workshops and discussion panels run by top Industry professionals; networking functions; family‐friendly films; primary and secondary schools sessions; free showcases of experimental films; a balcony bar for the audience to mix with filmmakers. Two definite highlights of the Festival continue to be the Gala Red Carpet Opening and Closing Nights with catered parties where the stars aren’t just up in the sky.
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Greenhouse Events Pty.Ltd.
General Information
BBFF’s HQ is the Byron Community Centre, 69 Johnson St, our other venues include the Northern Rivers finest boutique independent cinemas – Byron’s Pighouse Flicks, the Brunswick Picture House, Ballina Fair Cinemas and Murwillumbah’s Regent Cinema.

Personal Interests
2016 marks a ground breaking milestone for the Byron Bay International Film Festival (BBFF) as we celebrate our 10th and biggest festival to date.

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Filmmaking has always sat at the cutting edge of innovation, design and exhibition. It is true collective endeavour which encapsulates a variety of team members & highlights their creative skills.
At this very special festival BBFF will activate discussion, investigation, incorporation and celebration of creative technology and, in particular, the rapidly growing immersive storytelling and creative opportunities created by Virtual and Augmented Reality.

We were built on the foundation where the organisers has the intention to preserve the unique spirit of Byron Bay within the festival itself – reflecting our local community by maintaining a strong emphasis on social and environmental issues, human rights, diversity and multiculturalism, creativity, indigenous culture, spirit, healing, connecting to nature, conscious thinking and positive living, music of every variety, marine preservation, colourful characters, humour and, of course being Byron Bay, surfing.

Northern Rivers Lets

Northern Rivers Lets
Byron Shire Community Exchange (BSCE) is a community based ‘energy trading’ group who use an online alternative money system. We are a growing network of individuals and businesses who exchange or trade products and skills using a LETS unit (Local Energy Trading System) that we call the ‘Eco’ (E).

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Byron Spirit Festival

Byron Spirit Festival

The Byron Spirit Festival is a revolutionary event that unites the worlds of yoga, music, dance, tantra and indigenous arts to invigorate body, mind and soul and inspire positive change from within. Set over three days in picturesque Mullumbimby, this unique celebration features both local and international facilitators including some of Australia’s most well known yoga teachers, artist and musicians. Combined with a complete selection of workshops, the festival also presents an eclectic selection of musical offerings featuring recognized artists from the world.

A very special exploration to what connects us to ourselves and each other. Creating events that inspire and transform our selves to a more conscious and connected way of being. Join us in creating artful celebrations in service to the liberation of mind, body and spirit, so that many beings may benefit even more from our living and loving. Inspired by the growing community around conscious living, Spirit Festival & Retreats will empower us to create the vision that we all share. The Byron Spirit Festival & Spirit Retreats will bring together leading yoga teachers, tantra masters, musicians and healers from Australia and abroad.
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Temple of Magnetic Human

Temple of Magnetic Human
Seminars, Temple of Magnetic Human C.Ds and DVDs and Ebook….and Tshirts all coming soon.
Assisting men and women to reach their fullest potential, share their greatest gift to the world by following our deep motivational drive to create a life with passion and self-fulfilment.
The Temple of Magnetic Human is a fully integrated life path coaching modality. Fusing the mind, the body and the soul into one empowered vehicle. Creatively driving your valuable dreams home into reality.

Imagine living a fit, healthy happy life of ever increasing wealth, fulfilment and abundance. Imagine living and excelling in the career of your dreams. Embracing the lover of your dreams.

A simple and effective three phase process, a step by step plan to becoming A Magnetic Human. A Human who can attract everything his or hers heart desires.

Once your great power is activated you will have all the tools to build, sustain, and maintain your Temple of Magnetic Human.

The purpose of life is to live a happy fulfilled life and achieve your fullest potential. Within this lifetime, your lifetime, your precious droplet of life in the ocean of all eternity.

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Share your greatest gift to the world and become all you were created to be

An Empowered Attractive Magnetic Human

Attract Realise Actualise Your Dreams Goals and Desires into Reality of NOW

Seriously Fact Up

Seriously Fact Up

‘Seriously Fact Up’ is a radio show on Bay FM 99.9. Hosts Jimmi James WrighT and Leigh Chamberlain explore controversy, political, and existential content Breakfast may never be the same in your house again.

Seriously Fact Up Breakfast continues in the vein of the Seriously Fact Up Friday show from last season – but now with more time and space.

Leigh and Jimmi will bring much more music, much more fun and much more Seriously Fact Up information to your ears. If you want the edgiest take on current affairs, controversy, and for the irreverent ripping off of the Emperor’s clothes, tune in and help build community through better information, awareness and good tunes.

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Echo Newspaper

Echo Newspaper

Echonetdaily is your independent source of local news on the NSW north coast. Echonetdaily covers the northern rivers including the Tweed Shire, Byron Shire, Lismore City and Ballina Shire.

With over 27 years experience producing the iconic Byron Shire Echo and other publications, The Echo is the best place to get your local news, national news, world news, informative articles, thought-provoking columns, entertainment news, the most comprehensive gig guide on the north coast, and entertaining and compelling local videos.


Drawing from the Byron Echo we also have restaurant reviews in The Good Life, service directory, classified ads and real estate advertising.

From Byron Bay to Murwillumbah, Nimbin to Lennox Head, Kingscliff to Mullumbimby, Tweed Heads to Bangalow, Ballina to Coolangatta, Lismore and beyond, Echonetdaily has you covered!

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A New Science of Everything

A New Science of Everything

Pratima & Narada Present multimedia talks on ‘A New Science of Everything’. A New Paradigm is Arising that sees everything as interconnected from the subatomic to the supergalactic

!Inspired by the work of Canadian physicist Nassim Haramein, our presentations explore the revolution happening on every level of society . The shift of worldview that is changing our view of history, cosmology, science, economics, and much more.

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The old paradigm of a mechanistic disconnected dead universe is falling apart in the face of the increasingly apparent intelligence and connectivity of everything, (even apparently disconnected modern human beings).

The new paradigm is revealing itself in every aspect of human life. Academic institutions have had to rapidly update their belief systems to cope with the new discoveries in Physics and Cosmology. Political and social systems based on scarcity and competition are struggling to survive while alternatives founded on abundance and co-operation are evolving everywhere. We are realising that an ‘Economics’ that is not founded on the Ecological value of everything to everyone is just a mad system that is bound to destroy itself.

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But its not just these systems that are shattering, virtually every aspect of science, our knowledge of the Universe and our place in it, is being radically revised.

Ngara Institute

Ngara Institute – the Activists Think Tank

The Ngara Institute is a not-for- profit activist think tank which puts people, communities and the planet before increasingly predatory capitalism. We offer an intellectual and engaging space to critically reflect on how we can achieve a more just, peaceful and sustainable world based on the common good rather than private interest.

Politics in the Pub

Ngara Institute organised in 2016 a monthly ‘Politics in the Pub’ gathering in the Courthouse Pub Mullumbimby.  Each month a new guest speaker is invited. Around 180 people attend and it has become one of the Byron Shires most active regular political events. Visit the Ngara website for the upcoming program.

The Purpose of the institute is to:

  • provide a counter narrative to the views and opinions of Australian neoliberal think tanks;
  • foster critical thinking about local, national, and international issues such as peace, globalisation, diminishing democracy, climate change, financial greed and growing inequality;
  • work alongside other peace and justice organisations for a more equitable, non-violent and compassionate future based on social justice and human rights and pursuit of the common good;
  • assert and support values and practices that enhance the life of all species and ecosystems;
  • learn and apply indigenous world views to all areas of life;
  • articulate and encourage post-carbon- growth scenarios;
  • revitalise local-democratic civic cultures, neighbourliness and cooperative systems of production;
  • inspire and promote viable and workable solutions to the complex challenges we all face.

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Resonance Project Byron Bay

Resonance Project Byron Bay

The Resonance Project is focused on the work of Nassim Haramein in physics and many other fields of knowlege. This Byron Bay group is to focus on local contributions and events as well as sharing relevant quality inspirations.

Nassim haramein facebook page is Narada Das & Pratima Lightworker’s website about all this sort of stuff !


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