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Hemp Embassy

Nimbin Hemp Embassy

The HEMP Embassy runs an information centre/ paraphernalia shop in Nimbin all year round to fund our fight against cannabis laws. This is staffed by rostered volunteers who live locally, or are on an extended visit.

If you do not live close enough, there is still an opening. Every year, on the first weekend in May, we have the Nimbin MardiGrass Drug Law Reform Rally. To do this takes lots of volunteers who live locally OR are attending the MardiGrass. We have volunteers from all over the world who come to help make MardiGrass possible, not just stand and watch. It’s fantastic to see. Feel free to come and joint in.

If you ever come to Australia, drop in to the HEMP Embassy in Nimbin. Try to make it coincide with MardiGrass, if u can….otherwise, come anyway, or oppose stupid laws wherever you are, and you will be helping us all…

That is the Norml state of affairs, but if you feel you have special skills that could help the cause, or see a need that isn’t catered to, then communicate and contribute.

Send us your hemp related writings or art!


“Prohibition was introduced as a fraud; it has been nursed as a fraud. It is wrapped in the livery of Heaven, but it comes to serve the devil. It comes to regulate by law our appetites and our daily lives. It comes to tear down liberty and build up fanaticism, hypocrisy, and intolerance. It comes to confiscate by legislative decree the property of many of our fellow citizens. It comes to send spies, detectives, and informers into our homes; to have us arrested and carried before courts and condemned to fines and imprisonments. It comes to dissipate the sunlight of happiness, peace, and prosperity in which we are now living and to fill our land with alienations, estrangements, and bitterness. It comes to bring us evil –only evil– and that continually. Let us rise in our might as one and overwhelm it with such indignation that we shall never hear of it again as long as grass grows and water runs.”
Roger Q. Mills of Texas, 1887.

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The Mullum ‘Standing Stones’

Hi – My name is Narada. www.Sacred.Group is directed to this page I have set up on my site Its purpose is to to provide an easy to remember domain name for a central hub of information about the Mullumbimby Standing Stones site.

We would like to acknowledge that there are some Elders who believe that the site, and even information about it, should remain secret. It is widely believed to have been a gathering place visited by representatives from tribes all around the continent.

There has been a lot of community interest in the ‘Standing Stones’ site in early 2018, partly because of an article in the Echo newspaper saying that the whole area was included in a rezoning proposal that would make it ‘residential’ and open to development. This information now seems to have been inaccurate, and we are hoping that the rezoning will not conflict with protecting the site.

A community meeting was advertised in the Mullum Civic Hall on the 12th Dec 2017 to discuss the matter, but had to be cancelled due to a rude statement against the gathering being published on the Byron Council website. The councillor and the mayor who were responsible for this notice did not bother to contact the organisers (Steven Strong, friends, and Original Elders) to tell them that they were about to do this. The follow on was that a few weeks later another gathering was organised, this time by a local First Nation Elder Lois Cook, at Durrumbul Hall. This was attended by about 80 people. There was a great atmosphere and every person who spoke was applauded for the information they shared and their commitment to protecting this significant sacred site.


A Little Bit of History
In 1939 there were articles in papers around Australia about the bulldozing of a sacred Original People’s site in Mullumbimby, by the farmer who ‘owned the land’. The site was widely described as ‘Australia’s Stonehenge’. However, the site was all but forgotten about after its stones were bulldozed and world war 2 started.

The recent rediscovery of the site is due to the work of many people. In the 1930s local school teacher Fred Fordham recorded a lot of information about it and made maps and diagrams of the site. He corresponded with the head of the Australian Archaeological Society Fredric Slater who translated many of the inscriptions on the stones using a dictionary that was shared with him by a woman who had been taught by a local elder. He believed these inscriptions were written in the oldest language on Earth!

More Recently

These papers were lost until a few years ago, when they were rediscovered by Richard Patterson in an unmarked folder in the local historical society. The cause was then taken up by Steven Strong and his son Evan, who have done tremendous work educating the public about the ancient origins of the Original Australians.
Both Richard Patterson’s and the Strong’s websites contain a huge amount of information about the site, and I invite you to check them out using these links.

Richard Patterson’s 

Steven Strong’s


This is an artists impression of the original stone arrangement, based on Fordham’s 1930s diagrams.

The information below is being pulled in from the Australia’s Stonehenge Facebook Group.  If you are interested to keep up with developments please join the group.

The Forgotten Origin FB Group is also worth joining, and you can see the Forgotten Origin  ByronNow page here

The videos below are from various Youtube channels.

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Earth Holocracy

Earth Holocracy

The Earth Holocracy Proposal is an honest & viable way to unfold genuine democracy and realize the world of humanity’s common aspiration.



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Byron Bay Friends of Palestine

Happy to welcome new members to the group

Please read the following to understand the aims and values of this group: Post links, articles, videos and start discussions relating to Palestinian independence, civil, political and human rights, international law, BDS and war crimes against the people of Palestine. Please invite friends to join and participate.

We meet in the real world as Byron friends of Palestine and organise protests and actions in the public domain in support of Palestinian rights. We support Palestinian civil society’s call for the academic, cultural, sporting and trade boycott of Israel.

Please refrain from attacks on Jewish character or anti-Semitic comments and respect the call from the BDS movement to refrain from racism or bigotry.

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Gasfield Free Byron Bay & Northern Rivers

Carrying on the activism from the huge community project of resisting the government backed mining insanity at Bentley NSW in 2015. This page includes posts from 2 FB pages: CSG Free Byron Bay & CSG Free Northern Rivers. – – – The aim of the Gasfield Free Northern Rivers movement is to protect the biodiversity, water resources, agricultural lands and sustainable industries of the Northern Rivers, and the livelihoods and wellbeing of the people who live here, from the impacts of coal seam gas (CSG) and other forms of unconventional gas mining. Our objective is to have the Northern Rivers region declared a CSG and unconventional gas free zone, and for all current licenses and leases that allow such activities to be revoked.

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Forgotten Origins – the Out of Australia Theory

The aims of this group are to share understandings related to Australia’s rich ancient past with a view to learning how that may be applied now and in the future. The subject matter of our page sometimes contains culturally sensitive topics related to Original history and we operate under the doctrine of Wirritjin – Black Fella, White Fella Dreaming: In remembrance of Karno W…., spokesperson for the Ramindjeri.

Australia has been visited in the past by the Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese and perhaps others.

We are trying to change the worldview of Australian (Ab)Original people and culture positively and help to show their effect upon human development and civilisation. “Maybe if we can accept the truth, that we aren’t alone and part of something cosmic and grand, then we may start behaving like galactic citizens instead of global vandals”
(Steven Strong)

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OurEarth Project

OurEarth Project

OurEarth Summit 2020 is a call for action to link Earth Repair Issues with Effective Solution Providers using Military Resources to accept and manage the role of working for the health of the whole planet.

OurEarth envisions “Caretakers of the Earth” Eco-Agents trained by Veterans and Youth Leaders playing a global augmented reality game that helps to identify and solve issues around the planet.

Inspired by Bruce Lipton: “Humanity is like a super organism now connecting intelligently: like the intelligent cells of our human body we can respond with a defence system when needed, and the rest of the time work on building up resilience.”Join with us in collaboration over the next four years on effecting Global Earth Repair and participation in OurEarth Summit 2020

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Northern Rivers Lets

Northern Rivers Lets
Byron Shire Community Exchange (BSCE) is a community based ‘energy trading’ group who use an online alternative money system. We are a growing network of individuals and businesses who exchange or trade products and skills using a LETS unit (Local Energy Trading System) that we call the ‘Eco’ (E).

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Byron Bay Community Events Group

Byron Bay Community

The aim of this group is to promote local community events and services to residents of the Byron Shire, and to generally express all facets of our colourful, creative and alternative people and community.

Members are invited to post their local community event, service, topic or picture (subject to admin approval).


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Seriously Fact Up

Seriously Fact Up

‘Seriously Fact Up’ is a radio show on Bay FM 99.9. Hosts Jimmi James WrighT and Leigh Chamberlain explore controversy, political, and existential content Breakfast may never be the same in your house again.

Seriously Fact Up Breakfast continues in the vein of the Seriously Fact Up Friday show from last season – but now with more time and space.

Leigh and Jimmi will bring much more music, much more fun and much more Seriously Fact Up information to your ears. If you want the edgiest take on current affairs, controversy, and for the irreverent ripping off of the Emperor’s clothes, tune in and help build community through better information, awareness and good tunes.

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Happy Herb Company

Happy Herb Company

The happy herbs we promote are described as HAPPY herbs because they are uplifting, generally mildly euphoric without the comedown, hangover or side effects. The herbs are on this planet to benefit us. Welcome to a journey back to nature and its wonderful bountiful harvest. Long live herbal lore and our freedom to choose health and harm minimization

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Ngara Institute

Ngara Institute – the Activists Think Tank

The Ngara Institute is a not-for- profit activist think tank which puts people, communities and the planet before increasingly predatory capitalism. We offer an intellectual and engaging space to critically reflect on how we can achieve a more just, peaceful and sustainable world based on the common good rather than private interest.

Politics in the Pub

Ngara Institute organised in 2016 a monthly ‘Politics in the Pub’ gathering in the Courthouse Pub Mullumbimby.  Each month a new guest speaker is invited. Around 180 people attend and it has become one of the Byron Shires most active regular political events. Visit the Ngara website for the upcoming program.

The Purpose of the institute is to:

  • provide a counter narrative to the views and opinions of Australian neoliberal think tanks;
  • foster critical thinking about local, national, and international issues such as peace, globalisation, diminishing democracy, climate change, financial greed and growing inequality;
  • work alongside other peace and justice organisations for a more equitable, non-violent and compassionate future based on social justice and human rights and pursuit of the common good;
  • assert and support values and practices that enhance the life of all species and ecosystems;
  • learn and apply indigenous world views to all areas of life;
  • articulate and encourage post-carbon- growth scenarios;
  • revitalise local-democratic civic cultures, neighbourliness and cooperative systems of production;
  • inspire and promote viable and workable solutions to the complex challenges we all face.

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Starseed Gardens

Starseed Gardens

Company Overview: Starseed Garden is the home of plant-human culture and relationships. StarSeeds’ EarthSchool is a dynamic residential eco-social cultural program. Food, shelter, fibre, fuel, medicine, wisdom and beauty are some of the gifts and qualities that nurtures our deep relationship with the living realm. We gather wisdom, friends, seeds and tools, we seek objects of beauty and endless collaborative design opportunities, we relish foods that are super, and teas sublime for all to share.

Mission: The Starseed Mission is to create abundant systems of perpetual renewal, build community, teach and model productive living systems and share knowledge with the world.Starseed Lotus and Bamboo Nursery and other edible landscapes plants (permaculture).Appointment Only – Please Call Dan on 0403390448

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Resonance Project Byron Bay

Resonance Project Byron Bay

The Resonance Project is focused on the work of Nassim Haramein in physics and many other fields of knowlege. This Byron Bay group is to focus on local contributions and events as well as sharing relevant quality inspirations.

Nassim haramein facebook page is Narada Das & Pratima Lightworker’s website about all this sort of stuff !


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Migaloo2 Whale Ocean Conservation Yacht

Migaloo2 Whale Ocean

Conservation Yacht

The aim of yacht Migaloo 2 is to use it as a platform to raise awarness on important issues facing whales, dolphins and ocean health. The idea is to travel along the east coast of Australia during the humpback whale migration visiting ports along the way showing films and giving talks about these critical issues.

I also plan to do lots of live internet streaming from Migaloo 2 so the whole world including the Japanese can see what amazing beings the whales and dolphins are.

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