Apply to include your FB Page or PUBLIC FB Group in ByronNow ~

The content on this site is pulled in from Public FB Pages and Groups.
Any local resident who manages a FB Page or Group with content that is uplifting, inspiring, enlightening, and good for the planet and its creatures, is welcome to
apply to be included in ByronNow. 

For more explanation of how it works read the explanation  page here.

Application will be processed asap by Narada whose decisions on the appropriateness of the Page or PUBLIC Group for inclusion in BN are final.
PLEASE NOTE: This has been a free service to the community, however, I may not always have time and energy to create new members pages. Feel free to contact me and discuss. I may be able to outsource the work and charge a small fee for the service.


ByronNow is intended to showcase the local visionary culture of creativity and activism.

The FB Page must be specifically intended to be uplifting creatively, spiritually, physically, politically, educationally, or in some other way, beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants,.

The majority of the content must be relevant to the local Byron Shire residents and visitors. I will consider extending this to nearby locations such as Lismore, Nimbin, Uki, Murwullumbah, etc, if it seems appropriate and likely to be relevant to Byron visitors.

The Page or Group must be active in the sense that posts are added at least once a week.

Preferably the Page or Group will fit into one of our Navigation Menu categories – Music, Activism, Educational, Art, Bodywork, Venues, Organizations, Events.

Apply to be included in ByronNow