Amir Paiss

Amir Paiss

Poet, composer, singer-songwriter, story teller, musical producer, co founder of Sheva, Amen, Ali Baba, Nomadic Voices & Doonya. Inspired by That, This, OneSelf

For me Music is a shaman.
The Universe is made of frequencies and vibrations – it is made of Music.
Music is the soundtrack of our life. Life is music, a transformational tool, It transcends time, borders, boundaries & all differences. As ancient as creation and contemporary as right Now.
Always Now.
From the beginning of time Sound is used as an enhancer of connectivity, Healing & Presence. The marriage of sound and intention is a wonderful contribution to evolution.

We all enjoy it. I love exploring bridging worlds and connecting to what we call Heart. We call it Love, Freedom, God, or Truth. This is the essence of my musical creations.


Amir’s latest album is Satsong. Satsong is a play of words, unifying Song with Satsang- the Sanskrit term for being together in Truth. Satsong is a rosary of original songs of Love Truth and Freedom.

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Chanting this coming Friday @byronkirtan with delightful friends 🙏🏽😍😘 Blessed to chant!

Chanting this coming Friday @byronkirtan with deli...

כמה טוב להתנגן!
לתת לניגון לנגן אותנו.
ברביעי הקרוב עם ירון פאר במרחב שלו. איזה כיף 🙏🏽💜

So good to meet and let the music play through.
This coming Wednesday with @yaron_peer_artist  in his space. 🙏🏽💜
Yaron Peer
#live #love #music #health #connection #resilience #gratitude #grateful

כמה טוב להתנגן! לתת לניגון ל...

A lovely intimate evening in Gertrude bookstore in Bondi Sydney this coming Thursday.
If you’re in the hood, welcome 💜🙏🏽

#poeticabondi #songlines #madeoflove #connection #livemusic

A lovely intimate evening in Gertrude bookstore in...

Whether you are waxed or un-waxed, I invite you to listen to my music on all platforms 😍🙏🏽 links in bio.

With the latest controversy about Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr Robert Malone (which is really worthwhile listening to - an intelligent and interesting conversation), I am wondering why is it so difficult to have a healthy debate? When did we lose the capacity to converse with nuances?

Life is nuanced, and I wish for myself and everyone else to be able to inquire with curiosity and continue to decipher what is true from what is false. What is the mechanism by which we know what’s true?

In truth there’s so much more ‘I don’t know’ than ‘I know’, so I’m not presuming to hold a rigid opinion regarding this global event. I do have a gut feeling though and in essence it tells me that regardless of the actual event, there is an underlying cultural war between consciousness based freedom and control based fear. It isn’t new at all but it is most evident now.

So far it seems that things we were told are certain only a year ago, are revealed as uncertain.  So I’m interested in being aligned with the principles I want to live by. I guess each one of us has to inquire what we want to align ourselves with.

I’m staying curious, attentive to information from the most reliable sources I can find, I’m paying attention to details and able to have conversations, also with those I don’t necessarily agree with… And I continue to play music. 

So even if you are Neil or Joni or Joe or Robert, or anyone else, welcome to my music.

Links in bio

#discernment #truth #music #lovelife ##nuance

Whether you are waxed or un-waxed, I invite you to...

Here it is. ❤️
The last day of 2021. 
A curious year.

What is a year? 
A cycle? 
A count of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds?
Is it a rosary of moments one remembers? 
Is it the quality of Presence in one’s life?

Singing with Zoharel Jah my son, is a highlight from the past year. A moment of presence. 
To share this message the words carry, and to weave our voices together is a cherished pearl in the rosary of my life.

May the new year of 2022 be a healthy, friendly, joyful, connecting, inspiring and a loving year for us all 🙏🏽😍

Video editing by Idan Carmeli.
Recorded Live by Adam Biggs.
Mixed and Mastered by Kamal Engels. 
Filmed by Andrew Wadsworth, Andy Bowles & Dylan Lalor. 

Born Into Body (Lyrics & Melody - Amir Paiss)

Born into body                  
I was given a name                                  
How else will you know me                      
Or I'll know who I am?
Taught how to be               
Told what to do              
How did I get here                  
So old and so new?

Fooled by illusion                 
I tried to be someone                    
Fuelled by my suffering                    
Pain wakes me up
On the edge of a cliff                       
And darkness around                
I've got to be still                        
Or I'll fall to the ground

First light appears
Through the thickest of night
No wish for struggle
I don't want to fight

Let me be here if only for a moment
To finally breath into tightened lungs

I drown in emotion 
Get lost in a maze of thought
Cannot find home
In all name and form

I'm pushed for the air
Only to find I am water
Only to find I am ocean
Only to find I am breath

Infinite Oneness
Miraculous fountain
Of ever-unfolding, 
Unfolding now

There is one only
Only one of us
Through countless expressions 
Waves of one ocean

Being conscious of being conscious
Being aware of being aware
Being aware of Being conscious 
Being conscious of being aware

We're walking one step at a time
There's no need to journey
I'm already here
You're already now

One foot in the air
One foot on the ground
Past and future are lost
And the Present is found

Here it is. ❤️ The last day of 2021. A curiou...

A taste of Born Into Body - recorded live in Mullumbimby -with my son Zohar. The whole song is coming this Friday 
Stay tuned ❤️

Infinite Oneness
Miraculous fountain
Of ever-unfolding
Unfolding Now

There is One only
Only One of us
Through countless expressions 
Waves of One ocean 
#love #gratitude #one #family #blessing #heart #fatherandson #music #live

A taste of Born Into Body - recorded live in Mullu...

A friend said:
We are not on the same page 

So I said:
We may not be on the same page
But we are in the same book
Written by same hand.
May we remember-
We are all members of Life
We are made of Love 🙏🏽

A friend said: We are not on the same page So I ...

Black cockatoos visitation 😍

#casabuena #natural #connection #beauty #grateful

Black cockatoos visitation 😍 #casabuena #natur...

‘The real weapon of mass destruction is the hardened heart’ I heard Leonard Cohen say in an old interview.

When I grew up there was room for nuances in the conversation.  Although we had different opinions around the table, we stayed connected with one another, and with our shared humanity.

I trust we can do the same even in these curious and trying times.

I pray we keep our hearts open and soft even when our minds fiercely try to figure out right from wrong.

I pray we are kinder to ourselves and to each other.

#heart #wisdom #natural #connection #sharedhumanity #trust #madeoflove

‘The real weapon of mass destruction is the ...

יום הכפורים  (English below)
עוד הזדמנות נפלאה לכוון את מיתרי הראש שיהיו מכוונים עם מיתרי הלב.
שכולנו נמצא סליחה וחמלה לעצמנו ולזולתנו. שכל הבריות תדענה חופש. שכל הברואים ידעו שמחה. ששלום ואהבה ישררו בכל.
גמר חתימה טובה

The Day Of Atonement 
Another great opportunity to tune the strings of the head to be aligned with the strings ofthe heart. May we all find forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and for others. May all beings be free. May all beings be happy. May there be peace and Love among all beings.
G’mar Chatima Tova

#dayofatonement #love #compassion #roots #light #peace #selfinquiry #heart #madeoflove #gratitude #casabuena

יום הכפורים (English below) עוד הז...

My love 😍 It is getting better every year!

What an adventure we are on❣️23 years since our ceremony in the Rocky Mountains, and it is always fresh with you 🙏🏽 

I’ve been blessed by your love, truthful presence, joy and sense of adventure. Thank you for being on this path with me, growing together, learning and refining our skills in the art of living.

May we continue to grow in love, and be a nourishing home for one another, our families, our friends and communities.

Pics by Arterium
#anniversary #love #friendship #family #gratitude #growth #casabuena #artofliving

My love 😍 It is getting better every year! Wha...

Ein Sof clip coming soon! - Ein Sof literally means ‘There is no end’ and is the term for ‘Infinite’ in Hebrew. אין סוף

It points to that which we cannot grasp, beyond our capacity to intellectualise, the unknowable, but nonetheless, our most intimate core and the innate source of all, according to so many mystical traditions. 

‘Waves of time 
keep crashing on the shores of Eternity 
where Presence lives clear
Who are you? The One I’m praying to?
You’re always here, 
always near’

Ein Sof is the 2nd track on the new album, and the clip will drop this coming Friday the 2nd of July!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and listen to Ein Sof on your favourite streaming platform (Links in Bio).

#new #music #medicinesongs #einsof #infinite #love #natural #wisdom #video #musicclip #videoclip #iamthatiam #clear #presence #prayer #poetry

Ein Sof clip coming soon!

Ein Sof literally means ‘There is no end&rsq...

Born To Be - feat. Deva Premal & Miten with Manose - It is curious to witness how songs are born into this world. 
Born To Be (LINKS IN BIO) was born while I was in the garden, contemplating writing a song for my soul brother Miten for his 70th birthday. 
I first heard him sing & play when I was in India in the early to mid-nineties of the last century. 
Then I saw a poster in California almost 20 years ago, with a picture of him and Deva, and fast forward a few years, we finally met in Australia. 
Over the last 16 years, our friendship grew, and our brotherhood deepened, and it felt so natural to see this song come through. The birthday version included a choir of dear friends from the Byron Shire, and for this album version, I was blessed to have both Deva and Miten sing the choruses while the awesome Manose plays his magical flute.
The wizard Joby Baker produced, added his unique vocals, and played the bass, together with @Miles Bould and Spencer Cozens on percussions and keys (the incredible Temple Band).

The last part of the song has an incredible Cuban trumpet solo by Miguel Valdes, who played on tour with the Buena Vista Social Club. 

I am so grateful for the ensemble of friends and artists who share their art and heart and make this happen.

To support the music, please listen (on all digital platforms), follow and share!

Image by the one and only Ryann Kivel

Born To Be - feat. Deva Premal & Miten with Manose

It is curious to witness how songs are born into t...

Born To Be - Born To Be -New Single is out!

Listen on all digital platforms,
and support by liking, following, adding to your playlists and sharing the love ❤️ 

Links in the bio!

#new #music #borntobe #madeoflove #grateful #natural #love #truth #peace #prayer #yoga #omshanti #hallelujah

Deva Premal and Miten Deva Premal and Miten Deva Premal & Miten in Israel Manose Newa Spencer CozensJoby Baker

Born To Be

Born To Be -New Single is out! Listen on all digi...

Born To Be - Born To Be -
New single coming tomorrow!
I’m blessed by the vocals of my dear soul family members - Deva Premal and Miten, with Manose. Watch this space 
#music #borntobe #soul #prayer #gratitude #wisdom #nature #love #madeoflove #oneness #connection #coherence #resilience #wellbeing

Born To Be

Born To Be - New single coming tomorrow! I’m...

Such a heartfelt evening in Melbourne...
So lovely to play with @yuvalashkar 🙏🏽💜
Here’s a snapshot from sound check.

Music is a shaman

#music #prayer #healing

Such a heartfelt evening in Melbourne... So lovely...

This existence of reflections is mirroring us through everything... 

The first verse and chorus of the song are here:

It is the day that lights me up
the night that lets me rest
the sun shines above my clouds
the storm puts me to the test

the refuge in my heart
the warmth of my hands 
and tears wash me like rain
and water the garden bed

the rainbow I was after for so long 
appears in my sky like a song
without knowing how
without planning when 
I simply want to be the best I can

I Am That I Am

Oh 🙂 Subscribe to my site (link in bio) and be the first to hear - 15th April, the first to see the clip and receive a song-gift ❤️

#song #iamthatiam #nature #love #madeoflove #wisdom #mirrors #reflections #poetry #new

This existence of reflections is mirroring us thro...

Our morning visitor munching in the garden 😍

#wildlife #casabuena #grateful #nature #love

Our morning visitor munching in the garden 😍 #...

Be like water
stronger than rock
softer than feather
Be like water
You are a stream of
ever flowing life

#natural #wisdom #love #grateful #life #madeoflove #water #flow #strength #soft

Be like water stronger than rock softer than feath...

Sitting by the fire, on the earth, being grateful for this moment of being, together 🙏🏽❤️
Contemplating the transient nature of all phenomenon and the gift of present moment.

#present #presence #moment #everchanging #casabuena #madeoflove #grateful #fire #nature

Sitting by the fire, on the earth, being grateful ...

#whales #encounters in #byronbay 
#magic #alive #interspecieslove

#whales #encounters in #byronbay #magic #alive #i...

#majestic #whales in #byronbay . #graceful #wise and #beautiful #creatures

#majestic #whales in #byronbay . #graceful #wise a...

#whale #watching #adventure this #morning 

#love #natural #beauty

#whale #watching #adventure this #morning #love ...

Everybody #surf 
#sunny #winter #day

Everybody #surf #sunny #winter #day

I love it when it rains...  then I love it when the sun is shining ...

Here is last week’s #rain in the back #patio 

Our inner weather systems too are changing constantly...
Yet there’s a witness capacity that doesn’t change. That is our #true #nature 🙏🏽💜🙏🏽

#casabuena #madeoflove #weather #changes 

I love it when it rains... then I love it when th...

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חג אורים שמח 💜
Happy Hanukkah 💜
May we all find the light within, so we can be a light unto ourselves in our own lives, amongst our family and friends, so we can connect our little light with the web of light.

Each of us may be a tiny light, yet all of us together make a mighty light.

May all beings be free from suffering, healthy and happy. 

We are made of love

#love #light #hanukkah #connection #community #family #innerlight #selfinquiry #interconnected #resilience #madeoflove
I remember as a child the impulse and wish to weave healthy connections, to participate creatively in the web of being and the flow of life. 

I reflect and see different moments when what was hindering my connections and sense of safety was the lack of clear and healthy boundaries. When I was pushed over, or when I stepped on someone else’s toes, and didn’t know how to communicate or regulate my own Nervous System.

To feel safe in any relationship, and to regulate our Nervous System, we are requested to raise our awareness to what clear and healthy boundaries mean to us, and it feels somatically. 

Just like the river needs its banks to be a river, and a flower needs its roots, and each word needs its space, we all need our healthy boundaries to communicate with our environment and with each other.

If this ignites your curiosity, then our coming workshop is for you!  

This coming Saturday, November 19th, Mevlana Hall, 9:30am-1:00pm.

Book soon, as we have limited spaces.

Link in Bio and in the comment below or send me DM 🙏🏽💜

#somaticexperiencing #somatic #selfinquiry #healthyboundaries #safety #connection #community
We are delighted to invite you to a lovely workshop titled Relational Healing and Resilience.

We are all relating constantly, therefor we benefit from the growing awareness and capacity to connect healthily, with ourselves and with one another.

This is an opportunity to explore relational skills, in an intimate and safe environment, and learn simple and practical tools we can use in day-to-day interactions, for our own well being, and for our community.

The workshop has limited spaces (and limitless spaciousness), and there are still some tickets available.
Here is the link, and please DM if you have a question. 
We'd love to see you with us.
גמר חתימה טובה

In the Hebrew calendar today is the eve of Yom Kippur, the Day Of Atonement. 
Another beautiful opportunity to re-member, re-connect, and reflect what we cannot be apart from, what we are always a part of. 

Tuning in, to refine and align with what is the innermost, deepest and highest. Clearing the inner lenses and forgiving oneself and relations for all the disconnected moments while giving thanks for the connectedness that is sustaining us and inspires our thriving.

May we all be inscribed in the book of life for good.
May all beings be free.

Love to all our circles of family and friends.

If you’re around the Byron shire:
On the 29th of October Nirupa and I are facilitating a workshop in Mevlana Hall, focused on Relational Healing and Resilience, through music, gentle movement and Nervous System regulation practices.
Please send me a DM if you’re interested.

@nirupasomamovement #dayofatonement #madeoflove #music #movement #relationalhealing #nervoussystemregulation
שנה טובה ומתוקה לכולנו! ברכות אינסוף ואינסוף ברכות 🙏🏽❤️
A good and sweet year to us all!
Celebrating the Hebrew new year's eve with a taste of this magical honey, a reminder of the miracle of life in every moment.
May we all feel the sweetness of life and be healthy and aligned with our deepest and highest.

@chip.richards #sweetness #honey #miracle #shanatova #happynewyear
משנה נקודת מבט וכל העולם משתנה

Change the point of view and the whole world changes 

#perspective #view #world #beauty #gratitude #love
עשר שנים למותו של אבא שלי האוהב. האהבה נצחית.

10years to the death of my loving father. Love is eternal.

#love #father #family #eternal #heart #connection #gratitude
אמא שלי שאוהבת יופי
My mama that loves beauty 

#beautiful #nature #mama #family #love
אמא שלי ואני 😍
מודה על היותי כאן עם משפחה.
התלתלים הישנים קפצו לרגע על ראשי הקרח. 😂

אם אתם בשכונה, אנגן עם ירון פאר ברביעי הבא - לינק בתגובות 💜

My mama and I 😍

So grateful for being here with family. My old curls jumped on my bald head for a moment 😂

If you’re in the hood I’ll be playing with Yaron Peer next Wednesday - link in comments 💜 

#love #mama #family #connection #music #life #madeoflove
Feeling blessed to be a part of this community and participate in the practice of resilience and support.

Join Nirupa and I for a Somatic Listening fun session, and many other wonderful facilitators.

The day will conclude with a joyful and uplifting kirtan from 5pm, so if you can’t come during the day, maybe consider coming just for the evening of chant with some of Byron’s loveliest bhakti musicians!

All proceeds from this event will go to the people of Lismore via Koori Mail and Resilient Lismore.  For more information about the program or anything else, pls visit @byronkirtan  or Hope to see you there!

@nirupasomamovement #community #resilience #support #connection #love #madeoflove #coherence
Happy holidays to our local and global family ❤️

The inner teachings of the biblical exodus story point to a possible freedom from the narrowness of conditionings. May we all know freedom from that which is enslaving us, and find a home in the presence that is alive in all things.

To all our friends who celebrate Passover, Easter, Ramadan and/or any other celebration under this full moon - may all beings be free of suffering, may human beings know peace.

#peace #freedom  #love
As our town and area are still in shock after the intense rain and floods, it is heart warming to witness the resilience and community spirit in action.

Although it will surely take awhile to rebuild the roads and restore the homes, and to heal from this major interruption, there is support through people’s innate goodness and generosity of heart. 

While some world ‘leaders’ are playing with their war toys, or manipulating global financial markets, or pushing agendas right and left, I am reminded of the simple facts of life.

We are born, we live, we die.

What do we make of our brief time here? How do we relate to ourselves? To our environment? To each other?

Call me naive, a dreamer, but I believe we are made of love. 

Seeing how the community responds to what’s happening , is an affirmation of what I trust innately. We are made of love, and connection is the most valuable currency.
We have the capacity to heal ourselves and one another.
It will not wipe out the loss and pain, but it will seed more love in our own hearts and in our surroundings. It will inform us of our capacity to connect, support and inspire a beautiful life we can live.

I salute all the acts of kindness that people of all ages and backgrounds are doing, and my heart goes to all those that suffered a loss and are in need of support.

Together we are able, together healing is possible.

#community #spirit #connected #resilience #madeoflove #healing
A moment of respite from the intense rain... The waterfall is roaring...

Sending love and support to all the people that are in need right now.

Still need to be alert as the forecast is more rain.
Thanking all the wonderful participants in our Somatic Listening and Connection workshop yesterday.  

A delightful group study of the Nervous System and the meaning of regulation. 

It is an ongoing continuous movement towards well being. 

May we all find our innate resilience, through our healthy connections within ourselves and in our environment.

#nervoussystemregulation #health #connect #wellbeing #somaticexperiencing #somaticlistening #selfinquiry #awareness #presence #resilience 
Nirupa Hoffman Dinesh Arnaud Mackie
Dinesh, Nirupa and I are preparing our coming Somatic Listening and Re-Connection workshop, next Saturday Feb 26th at Mevlana. (10am-3:30pm).

This will be a fun,educative and experiential day of Somatic inquiry, exploring practical tools to regulate, ground and access our built-in support.

Especially over the last 2 years, we have all lived in a traumatised field whether we are aware of it or not.

The good news is 
we are able to connect and re-connect with our innate resilience and inner wisdom, to regulate our Nervous System and help us release and heal the trauma impact so it doesn’t rule our lives.

If you are in the hood and interested write me a message- this time the workshop is limited to 12 people.

Hallelujah for the opportunity to connect to what is healthy ❣️🙏🏽😍

@nirupasomamovement #wisdom #resilience #connection #innatewisdom #somaticexperiencing #somaticwisdom #nervoussystemregulation #healing #regulation #fun
Feeling blessed, grateful, honoured and privileged to be able to share music, community, love and presence.

Thank you all who came and filled the room with healing love 💜 

Thank you Byron Kirtan for hosting so generously 💕 

Thank you my beloved Nirupa - your love is singing in my heart❣️🙏🏽 

#love #music #gratitude #madeoflove #resilience #community
Looking forward to this evening. 
An intimate house concert in a stunning spot over looking the Pacific Ocean, with hearts and souls that connect with the love we are all made of, the love we are here for.

Love and music are great for encouraging our innate resilience 🙏🏽❤️🌈

#healinglove #love #healing #resilience #health #music #satsong @byronkirtan
Music is like rainbows- alive only in the present moment, made of rain and sun, an expression of light that is healing.

Join me for a house concert this coming Saturday, celebrating the love we are all made of.

#music #love #rainbow #healing
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