A New Science of Everything

A New Science of Everything

Pratima & Narada Present multimedia talks on ‘A New Science of Everything’. A New Paradigm is Arising that sees everything as interconnected from the subatomic to the supergalactic

!Inspired by the work of Canadian physicist Nassim Haramein, our presentations explore the revolution happening on every level of society . The shift of worldview that is changing our view of history, cosmology, science, economics, and much more.

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The old paradigm of a mechanistic disconnected dead universe is falling apart in the face of the increasingly apparent intelligence and connectivity of everything, (even apparently disconnected modern human beings).

The new paradigm is revealing itself in every aspect of human life. Academic institutions have had to rapidly update their belief systems to cope with the new discoveries in Physics and Cosmology. Political and social systems based on scarcity and competition are struggling to survive while alternatives founded on abundance and co-operation are evolving everywhere. We are realising that an ‘Economics’ that is not founded on the Ecological value of everything to everyone is just a mad system that is bound to destroy itself.

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But its not just these systems that are shattering, virtually every aspect of science, our knowledge of the Universe and our place in it, is being radically revised.

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