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ByronNow makes it easy to find the spirit Byron is famous for by presenting our local visionaries’ public Facebook and Youtube content in the context of all the good things happening here in Byron Bay.

If you are a visitor to the Byron Shire:
Welcome, we trust that you will find what you are seeking here and more. ByronNow is not exactly an Events Calendar, though you may find many events listed and promoted here on the Events Page and on Members Pages on their Events Tab if they list their events on FB.

Find and follow your favourite local Musicians,  Activists,  Teachers,  Artists,  Bodyworkers, Organizations & Venues by visiting the individual pages here on ByronNow. LIKE and SHARE to help Promote Positive Vibrations 🙂
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Byron Bay Now is a better way to appreciate the content generated by our members If you click on a FB image or video on ByronNow it will open in a Lightbox that then allows you to scroll left and right through all the images and videos. ByronNow updates itself from FB every 20 minutes and provides a window into the online presence of our famously ‘Alternative’ Culture.

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Living in the Byron Bubble

Original People of this country ~

We wish to acknowledge the original people of these lands and their descendants, who have suffered so much from the European invaders in the last couple of hundreds years. We thank your mob for looking after the Earth sustainably for the last 60,000 years, (likely much more). We are grateful for your patience and willingness to share in friendship with those of us who genuinely regret what was done to you, and we honour you as keepers of traditional wisdom that modern culture is greatly in need of.

We have heard you say  – ‘all we want is respect – ‘Garima’ – respect for the land, respect for each other, respect for the traditional ways of our people’ – and we offer to work with you to achieve that. We know there are activists among you working to make things better for all of us. This website needs your input so please contact us if you wish to have a page promoting your positive projects here.


Byron Bay, the most easterly town on the Australian mainland, was called Cavanbah ‘the Gathering Place’ in the language of the local indigenous peoples. The area was visited by tribes from all over the continent, and after two centuries of denial and neglect major ceremonial sites are being rediscovered and investigated here today.

Now called Byron Bay, it is indeed still a gathering place. Byron gained a reputation in the late 20th century as one of the planet’s ‘New Age centres of light’. Like such places as – Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Boulder and Sedona in the U.S. and Glastonbury in the U.K. – the Byron Bay area was seen as a thriving hub of alternative culture, ecological awareness, social activism, spirituality and creativity. That spirit is still here though perhaps it has retreated into the hills away from the tourist industry. The ByronNow website is intended to make it easier for our visitors and friends to connect with all the good things still happening in the Byron Shire.

Byron’s reputation attracted an endless stream of seekers, teachers, and others looking for a saner lifestyle. Many liked what they found, and felt so at home in the melting pot that they moved to this area permanently to be among like-minded people. It was an attractive option as Byron Bay is a place where – for many people – life is easy and there is much to celebrate and enjoy!

Approaching Zeropoint

Now in the early 21st century – even for the hobbits in the relative shelter of ‘the Shire’ – it is hard not to notice that humanity is in the midst of a multi-faceted global crisis. (Rumours have been heard that the Dark Lord”s forces are once again ravaging the distant lands of the Earth )

Many of us privileged to live here have felt a growing responsibility to use the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy to contribute something positive to the global process. Not an easy task even in the best of times – and yet you will find on this site many projects intended to contribute to the local and global common good. In fact ‘Good for the Planet and all it’s Creatures’ is one of our criteria for inclusion in the ByronNow website.

the Invitation to Local Visionaries ~

This ByronNow website has been created for residents of Byron Shire who are involved in work intended to help harmonise the planetary process. It is a place to share knowledge and inspiration.
Whatever level you are working on – spiritual, social, environmental, psychological, energetic, technological … or whatever ~ we invite you to create your own page here to share your visions, link to your other websites, and promote whatever you wish that will help you to fulfill your mission.
We have surrendered to the fact that Facebook is a great platform for gathering and speaking to one’s audience. We have created a way to use that platform with far more control of the presentation than you would have on your actual FB Page or Group! Facebook is using us, so lets make it a 2 way street and use their technology for the good of everyone. All members have to do is continue to post awesome content on FB and ByronNow will automatically gather it here for us to see in the context of our local culture!

For members, ByronNow pages work ‘out of the box’, but they can be customised even more by contacting us.

Visitors to the Byron Shire

ByronNow is your portal to connect with all the interesting and uplifting things happening in the Byron Shire. Music, Activism, Healing, Spirituality – you name it – if its locally based and good for the planet and its creatures we hope you can find it here. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to explore Byron Bay’s visionary culture.

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    1. Hi Jiva – ah I keep forgetting that there were a few dozen members of the first incarnation of 🙂 I will have to email them all about the reincarnation. The site from around 2010 was retired for a few years before I began working on this totally reformatted and upgraded version. The first version required members to add their own content to promote their projects. I quickly realised that almost no one had time for that and that almost everyone was already doing FB pages as their functionality and monopolization of social discussion is so complete. This reincaration does not require local visionaries to do anything more than the promotions they are already doing on FB and Youtube. I bring in their content from there automatically, and add a few more options such as bringing in the embed codes for musician’s music, and (very soon) the ability to collect donations in return for ‘perks’, which should also please the musicians especially ! They deserve it as they do so much to keep the vision of a better work alive during these troubling times. I am thinking when I get a chance to make a clone of this site and repurpose it to showcase the work of all the Sacred Geometers around the world. I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens 🙂 Meanwhile I will make sure the Template Ceremony videos are showcased on this page of mine ~

  1. Dearest Narada. How many years have you been seeking and making available the ultimate in online Community Networking and Inter-Communication. Bless you, so! I’m sure this new platform will well serve the People as more and more fully realize the immediate necessity of “the alternative” – healthy, sustainable, clean-and-green, honest and happy living – swiftly being embraced as “the new norm”!

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